Matilda Memaripour




BSc Biomedical Science (Keele University)

Msc Biopharmaceuticals (King's College, London)


We are delighted to welcome Matilda to the Agile family in October 2020.


Matilda has recently concluded her Master’s programme, after carrying out her thesis with the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, investigating protein interactions thought to contribute to onset of the disease, with the aim to identify potential therapeutic targets. She has vast experience in the field of biochemistry, specifically medical microbiology and medical neuroscience.


During her time at King’s College, she developed a keen interest in Gene Therapy, Biosimilars and Personalised Medicine. Whilst studying, she became fascinated by the commercial contribution of biopharmaceuticals within intellectual property.


In her spare time, you’ll find Matilda swimming at the pool or practising yoga. She enjoys learning new languages and going to the theatre.